AD-101/202 Activated Alumina


Activated Alumina

Activated Alumina manufactured by GMGBC are available in two different grades in spherical form of different sizes as per customer requirement. These are resistant to thermal shock and abrasion/attrition. Having high absorption capacity, these Activated Alumina Balls are best used for warm gases and air. The Activated Alumina Balls do not shrink, swell, and soften, when immersed in water. GMGBC uses quality ingredients in formulation of Activated Alumina Balls ensuring compliance with international quality standards.

  • Air drying for dew point of less than minus 40 C
  • Drying of Feed air to N2 – O2 Cryogenic plant
  • Purification of process stream by removing HF (LAB Plant)
  • Chloride/ HCL from contaminated gas flow
Particle form Spheres
Particle size 2-5 mm and 5-8 mm dia balls.
Adsorption Capacity Typical Range
Adsorption Capacity at 300 C and 60 % RH by wt (%) 21.0 20-26
Surface Area (m2/gm) (min.) 350 300-425
Pore Volume (cc/gm) 0.42 0.4-0.5
Bulk Density (gms/lit.) 800 750-850
Bed Crushing Strength (%) 97 90-99
Loss on attrition (%) 0.20 0-0.4
Loss on Ignition (2500 C-10000 C) 6.0 4.5-8.0
Free moisture (%) 0.5 0-2
Size Tolerance (%) (Oversize/undersize) 2 0-5
Chemical Analysis (%) - -
A12O3 (by difference) 93.0 92-95
Na2O 0.25 0.1-0.3
Fe2O3 0.05 0.02-0.12

Packed in Air Tight 210 Lits. MS Drum. Standard Size 170 Kg.