Mansil® Precipitated Silica

Detergent Grade

Highly stable, GMGBC Precipitated Silica for  Detergent Powders as anti caking agent. Precipitated Silica is a form of silica produced by precipitation. The production of precipitated silica starts with the reaction of an alkaline silicate solution with a mineral acid. Sulphuric acid and sodium silicate solutions are added simultaneously with agitation to water. Precipitated Silica is used to improve pigment dispersion and acts as a parting agent and as an absorbent to improve the flowand imparts a dry feel to the compound.


  • Anti-caking agent for detergent powder formulations
  • Absorbs perfumes and liquid enzymes and release during wash cycle

Grades (Downloads)


The standard packing is 15 Kg/20 Kg Laminated HDPE Woven Bags with Inner Liner. These can also be supplied in 12.5 Kg Paper Bags/Palletized cargo for export markets