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Quality Products is our responsibility

GMGBC has a committed workforce with all facilities required to manufacture tailor made products to suit customer requirement.

The company is recognized by Ministry of Commerce, Govt. of India as a Star Exporter. The Company’s range of products is as under:

  • Spray Dried Precipitated Silica of various grades for Tyre / Rubber /Food / Feed / Toothpaste / Pesticides / Detergents / Plastics / Ink etc.
  • Sodium Aluminium(Alumino) Silicate Paints/Coatings/Textile Printing Ink/Thermal Paper/Food applications etc.
  • Zeolite for Detergents.
  • Molecular Sieves of various grades for different applications
  • Activated Alumina for air drying.
  • Colloidal/Activated Attapulgite for paints and coating application.

Precipitated Silica

Sodium Alumino Silicate

Activated Alumina

Molecular Sieves

We Supply Essential Additive for each industries

GMGBC is a leading supplier of Precipitated Silica in India and overseas markets to key customers in the field of Tyre and Rubber products, Toothpaste, Animal Nutrition, Food Products, Pesticides and several other applications.

GMGBC premium quality Precipitated Silica is regularly exported to key customers/distributors across the globe in USA, Europe, Russia, South Africa, Latin America, Middle East, Asia Pacific region and South Asian regions to their utmost satisfaction.

Industries we serve