Detbuild® Zeolite Powder

Zeolite Powder

Synthetic Zeolites are the principle alternative to phosphate type builders, used in house hold detergents and softening the washing water by calcium ion exchange. The major part of phosphate-free household detergents is based on the use of Zeolite as builder. As a detergent builder, Zeolite type A was developed specifically as an environmentally preferable alternative to phosphate builders, which can cause eutrophication of freshwater bodies by nourishing excessive amounts of algae.

Zeolite Powder manufactured by GMGBC is a dehydrated synthetic powder Molecular Sieve. It is accurately composed by using fine particles and ingredients, ensuring high quality standards. The Zeolite Powder manufactured by GMGBC is highly effective in removing water and eliminating bubbles. Chemically balanced, GMGBC Zeolite Powder can increase the uniformity and strength of base in paint, resin, detergent, ink and some adhesives as well.


  • Soap and Detergent Manufacturing
  • Water Softening Application
  • Waste Water Treatment
  • Agriculture Aqua feed
  • Removal of Radioactive Isotopes from effluent emanating from Atomic Energy plant.

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The standard packing is 25 Kg Laminated HDPE Woven Bags with Inner Liner. These can also be supplied in Paper Bags/Palletized cargo for export markets.