Mansil® Precipitated Silica

Pesticides Grade

Precipitated Silica For Pesticides find applications such as Wetting, Dispersing and Grinding Aid as well as Carrier and Free Flow Agent in Wettable Powder Formulations like Acephate, etc. These grades also help in improving the storage stability and suspension behaviour in liquids. With high absorption ability, GMGBC grades of Precipitated Silica for Pesticides are the best absorbent carrier and flow conditioners of solids. Due to particles, high compatibility and better chemical stability, GMGBC grades of Precipitated Silica for Pesticides are highly effective in yielding desired results.

GMGBC manufactures different grades of Precipitated Silica for Pesticides to suit specific customers’ requirements. All these grades are characterised with High Absorption capacity and are available with different bulk densities to suit individual requirements.


These Grades are used in Fine Applications in Pesticides, Insecticide and Fungicides as under.

  • As Wetting aid
  • As Dispersing aid
  • As Grinding aid
  • In insecticides & fungicides

Grades (Downloads)


Standard Packing of these grades is 15/20/25 Kg Laminated HDPE Woven Bags with LLDPE Inner Liner.